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My New Year resolution is to get my golf handicap reduced from 15 to 12 this year. Watch this space for progress! Failed at this one! Got it down to 14, but 12 will have to wait until 2011!


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2010 weight loss program,

see below





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Welcome to my website! You can now find information and pictures about what I am up to at the moment and some information about my future plans. Drop me an email or a call, it will be good to hear from you. 


So 2010 has started life freezing cold, full of snow ( we had about 9 inches over yesterday and today) and generally disrupted. So much for global warming! We are more likely to freeze to death than be drowned by rising oceans. UPDATE! 2010 has ended in the same way as it started. Come to think of it the bit in between wasn't historic this year!


2010 is going to be the "Year of the truck". This is the year when Pammy and I finally acquire a motorhome in which to enjoy time at wekends, holidays etc, making sure that we enjoy it. Hopefully we will and then when we have more time in coming years we will be able to tour and enjoy travelling together. More of this in due course! See the gallery with pictures of Dixie! Achieved!




After putting back at least a stone of the two stone loss last year, it is time to get back to the gym, eat and drink less and generally trim down.





Still the same requirement for 2011! much fun and enjoyment had in the meantime though!